For most of his life, Donato Helbling believed it was his destiny to be an engineer. It wasn’t until he relocated to the United States from Argentina for college that he realized that studying engineering didn’t bring him any joy. After experimenting with other avenues, Donato ultimately found his true calling: the practice of martial arts, intentional breathing, meditation, and teaching. In today’s episode, host Dominic and Donato sit down to discuss his journey to self-realization. 


According to Donato, when we place ourselves in boxes of who we think we should be, we lose the opportunity to discover ourselves. For him, it was the pressure to be an engineer that prevented him from finding his purpose in life for so long. Even though coming to the realization that he was on the wrong path was difficult, the best thing Donato ever did was get honest with himself. On his path to getting honest, Donato explored and got certified in the Wim Hof Breathing Method and trained to get a black belt in the mixed martial arts practice of Budokon as well as becoming an accomplished meditation teacher.


Tune into this week’s episode of Healerology to learn more about the importance of meditation, being present, and trusting the process, so you can find healing and live honestly.



• “The inflection point for me to start looking inside was when I put myself in a box of having to be an engineer even though I didn't fit in it. It just was very uncomfortable, I was not happy and I was hitting a wall that I hated.” (07:40-08:00)

• “I was losing the opportunity to discover myself by only using a small part of my existence.” (12:23-12:30)

• “Martial Arts gave me a sense of self-reliance, security, and trust that I didn't have.” (13:29-13:39)

• “In martial arts school, part of the system is to check in regularly on how your life is doing. Everyone was encouraged to have their own identity, personality, desires, and their own goals and we would all support each other in it.” (21:33-21:48)

• “If you're present and you act honestly, you're going to be happy and you're going to heal.” (29:42-29:46)

• “You may be a lot more capable of what you're giving yourself credit for, but you're just not experiencing enough of life to use your essence for different things.” (56:11-56:23)

• “We're here to experience everything, the sad and happy, the blissful and the painful. All of that is within our capability. So if you just show up and just experience bliss, you’ve lived a blissful life  but you didn't live a full life.” (57:14-57:30)






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