Integrative Living Model - 8 week online course Integrative Living Model - 8 week online course

Integrative Living Model - 8 week online course

Integrative Living is a workshop series created by Donato Helbling. It is a collection of effective technologies and techniques that helped him improve his life and empowered his coaching clients...
$ 499.00

Integrative Living Coaching Sessions - 90 mins

Coaching time with Prof. Donato Helbling to work on integrating your life, so that you can "learn to live complete". Donato will hear your challenges and give you the tools...
From $ 200.00

Wim Hof Method training with Donato Helbling (90min Private sessions)

Are you truly committed to being Happy, Healthy and Strong? Train with the first (and only) WHM Certified Instructor in Miami, and a true Integrative Living expert, Donato Helbling. If...
From $ 200.00

Movement/Peak Performance Training with Donato Helbling (90min Private session)

If you are reading this, you probably are ready to take your practice to the next level. This is a commitment that very few take, but those who do never...
From $ 200.00

Miami Ice Club training with Jacquie Rangel (90min Private sessions)

Are you ready to take control of your nervous system? To start responding instead of reacting to your environment? Book a session with Certified XPT Coach, and Mental Health expert,...
From $ 150.00

Movement/Peak Performance Training with Nelson Leon (90min Private session)

Nelson loves showing students a path towards strength, flexibility and injury-free awareness. Using Mixed Movement Arts he will help you unleash a deep practice towards understanding the self in the most...
From $ 120.00


The goal of taking private Zen of Shooting lessons with Donato Helbling is to take the most advantage of the opportunity to use handgun marksmanship practice as a too to...
From $ 200.00
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