Testimonials for Donato Helbling

Here are some of the many beautiful messages I've received from my students over the years. Words like these keep my passion alive and my desire to serve ever growing. Thank you, all, for the support and love... Donato


"I can't thank you enough for such a transformative experience on Sunday! I feel how and why this has such a profound impact on people's lives! Thank you for not just holding my hand in the ice but for holding such amazing space for me too! I'm also so grateful that while I was learning, you had me laughing and I was being entertained at the same time! It's such a rare find! I had an absolute blast! Thanks for being such a beautiful uplifter! "
- Sharon Sara Sabga, Boca, Florida


"The anger and resentment towards my ex was eating me up and affecting my preparation for my next fight. I sat back and took your advice and thought about all the amazing, happy times I had with her and all the lessons I learned from her and how blessed I was by being with such an amazing person for 1.5 years... Soon, my gratitude and appreciation completely over powered the hatred and stopped those thoughts from ever entering my mind again. I gotta say I owe you a lot , Donato. You elevated my mental game and changed part of my life. So thank you and I’ll never forget it."
- Matt Speciale, Pro MMA Fighter & Nutritionist, Ontario Canada


"Thank you so so much for everything you taught me in your online Integrative Living Program- I have loved this process and the journey we have started together. I feel a huge shift in my life, perspective and goals since I work with you. All the aspects of my life have become more awesome and I so grateful for this experience. I feel so much more chilled, happy and present."
Rozanne Immerman, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I get inspired by the way he moves and the things he is able to do. He always inspires me to work that much harder (…) He is just an awesome individual. His door is always open to me and he is always there for me. He has had a great impact on my life, and my family’s life.”
- Professor Jamal Pender, MBDY Movement Arts Academy, Columbia MD

“Wanted to thank you again for your help and support. You are a great instructor who very much cares about his practice, his students, himself, his family and has a deep rooted belief in what he's doing.”  
- Phillip Adam Gordon, Miami Beach, FL


“We started as students together and now he is my teacher! He always struck me as being  a very mindful person, very conscious in his words. If I would have a problem and I wouldn’t have anyone around me I would call HIM because he seems to have all the answers”
Sensei Sybille Klaus, Charlotte, NC

“Donato creates a warm feel when he is teaching which works well, especially given his personality. Anything else would seem inauthentic. He has great ideas... I definitely see Donato helping to make the Budokon system a lot better and helping it to evolve.”  
–Chris Torres, , MMA fighter, Krav Maga Black Belt and BJJ Brown belt, Washington DC, DC. 

"Thank you for being such a great yet Humble teacher. Something I rarely come across , other than Sri Dharma Mittra ! Om Shanti Osu!!!"
– Mary Mua, Orlando, FL

"Thank You!! I couldn't have done it with out you.. With your Budokon lessons, you helped me turn my life around..Thanks for being such a great Sensei." 
 John Joseph Rochford, NJ

"Donato is especially talented at creating a warm and trusting environment where people feel at home."
– Mark Oliver, Owner Yogiiza Clothing, Miami, FL

 "Thank you for a great experience! Your talent was what I first noticed but, along with that talent, followed an incredibly humble man. What a rare beautiful human trait to have. Thank you for being so kind to my 10yr old daughter, Maddie. She told me that she was very challenged but had a lot of fun.  I am beaming because rather than just saying "this is too hard, I quit!" she took the challenge as motivation to work harder. .... Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your sense of humor and willingness to overlook the fact that I had no idea what I was doing!! OH!! And I thought you should know the reputation my teachers, Alex and Tomek, have created for you. They have insurmountable respect for you as a martial arts black belt, a budokon instructor and as a human being. The true test of a real friend is how they speak about you behind your back." 

- Jen Vitacco, Naperville, IL

“Amazing teachings and honesty from a loving and really open, listening heart. When you meet him he makes you feel like you are the most important person in his life. And then you see him with someone else and you think: oh my gosh!, I bet that person feels like the most important person in his life too!  That is such a gift, and that is Professor Donato. He has inspired me. You will get a straight answer that comes from love. That is a great skill to have (…). He can do whatever his heart wants to do. He is THAT skilled and that talented! I see him becoming world famous.”
Sensei Maggie Hafflet, Bucks County, PA

"I just wanted say THANK YOU for the class you taught at The Body Electric Yoga ins St. Pete. I attended your first workshop and had to race off to work. I never really had a chance to express how grateful I was for your teachings that day. I found your workshop to be fun, challenging, and inspiring. Stuck in my mind since is the story you related about "who we are". We know who we are at work and at home... it's the in between... I've been chewing that in my head ever since. You should write a book."
- Rob Snyder, Athlete, Human Race, Saint Petersburg, FL

  "I would like to express the astuteness of Professor Donato's teaching along with his uncanny ability to make it fun and easy to understand. Where I think Professor Donato is so very successful is in his ability to relate very technical or complex concepts into very easy practice/ useful information in a fun learning environment. " 
-    Mark Alan Diaz, MAD Design Group, Los Angeles, CA

"I had so much fun during your workshops at our studio, Prof. Donato. I'm am so excited for teacher training! You are truly a gift, thank you."
– Sarah Esposito, SHINE Power Yoga, NJ 

"Donato, thank you for sharing so much knowledge, passion and laughter with the Shine community."
– Wanda Gilhool, owner, SHINE Power Yoga, NJ

"Just wanted to congratulate you on another successful and amazing weekend. You influenced so many lives in such a kind, strong and witty manner. You utilized the help of your professor brothers with such love and respect. I am constantly impressed with your leadership. You are doing an incredible job and I am certain you will grow this organization to infinite, phenomenal success. Osu brother it is an honor to get to know you and be led by you."
- Kim Ricca Lively, Lively Kids, Newbury Port, MA

"I am so proud of my son, Zach...he has been at every Budokon yoga class we have held since your weekend academy. I have seen a significant change in Zach's demeanor, his patience.  Makes a Mom very happy.  Thank you so much for your encouragement..." 
- Cheryl Betten, Balance Planet Yoga, NJ

   "Sensei Donato is one of my greatest teachers. His passion, patience, intuition and talent has guided me through physical, mental and emotional breakthroughs, both in my practice and in my life. His words have stuck with me long after training with him. I highly recommend working with him if you are ready for a leap in any aspect of your life that he is there to support you with!" 
- Angela Marie Tompkins, Quality Life Wellness, Inc, Port Saint Lucy, FL

 "In a moment in my life when the noise in my mind was deafening, where I could not find direction, Sessions with Sensei Donato gave me the understanding needed to look at my life life a Spiritual Warrior. The rational approach we gave to our topics of discussion, the exercises and the continuous practice of Budokon, allowed me to uproot the weeds in the garden of my mind. It's incredible how all the energy that was being diluted in those problems I can now channel to achieve my real intentions"
- Javier Larrain, Miami, FL

"Only good wishes to you. May your path be full of blessings and grace. You are dear to me Prof Donato and I consider you a fine example of a truly gifted teacher. I will stalk you!"
– Petra Lee Ghin, Little Hair Shoppe, NYC, NY

"To know Donato is to love him"
– Andrew Clark, 1111Vibes, Miami, FL

"Dear Donato, you have an amazing gift. You are what any teacher should aspire to be. You inspire me to be better."
-Dr. Ernesto Perez, Clearwater, FL

"Prof. D, almost a year ago in Rotterdam you showed me a beautiful way how to talk giving space without hiding my own pain. I worked very hard the last year - physically and mentally. To show up with the very best version of me is still a work in progress. I learned to talk softer - to give the space the other one needs not to "hide in the magical mystery forest". And out of nothing everything changes. I don't know if it is already to late for me and my unicorn; but whatever comes out of this - it is for the good. In our lion/unicorn relationship as parents and friends or, who knows, maybe as lovers again. Thank you for your inspiration. From the bottom of my heart."

 Mia Sittig, Germany."

"You are bad ass. But more importantly, you're an amazing teacher with skills... with ability to see, listen, and explain... and with patience and inspiration. I'm thankful for the times I got to train with you. Look forward to when our paths cross again."

 Maggie Tulik, Bucks County, PA

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