When I was in Florida I had the opportunity to experience Ice Bath Immersion and Breath Work training the Wim Hof Method with Certified Instructor and Budokon expert Donato Hebling and his friend, who also practices both, Mark Diaz. It was one of the most enlightened experiences I have even had and here is the conversation we had about it.
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Professor Donato Helbling is one of the director of Budokon University, a Mixed Movement Art educational institution that incorporates Yoga, Martial Arts and Animal Locomotion along with the Mind Sciences. Enjoy our first re-launch of the Everyday Warrior Podcast (formerly Wisdom of the Warrior Podcast.). In part 2, we discuss the "movement coach" phenomenon in MMA and Fitness. Donato explains Budokon's approach to animal locomotion and how it it TRULY transforms a person. We also discuss the psychology of stress, how to manage and potentially avoid the "Limbic Threshold" or "Limbic Limit" in our fight and in our everyday lives.
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