Living Arts Coaching

Living Arts Coaching is the careful and attentive practice of helping a fellow human being transform their life into and piece of art.

Artists use their art to express their internal process. Painters lay delicate traces on canvas building, one by one, the perfect picture. Sculptors chip away until a large rock becomes a beautiful sculpture. Photographers look for the perfect image and the perfect light. Actors capture the essence of a character and transform themselves into the most captivating representation of that person. The artistic process is about expression of oneself. It is the process of bringing the inside of you to the real world though skillful application.

Living Arts coaching is about living a fully expressed life, the way you want it. No matter what happened before, what you did (or what "they" did). It is the process of learning the tools necessary to express the life you want to live and bringing it to the world. As any art form it requires practice and discipline, but in time it becomes effortless and efficient. 

As a Living Arts Coach, Donato (from jail people to pro athletes). Get ou




Q: How do I know you got what it takes? What does your life look like?

A: The world of "Coaching" is full of 3-day course "gurus" and people with not much life experience who claim they can help you live a better life, while their life is a mess. In a strange way, this makes sense. If you spend time looking at other people's problems and "helping them", you do not have to look at yours...

As a Living Artist, Donato has taught from Jails to blah blah and helped

My experience helping people achieve their goals I know I can help you if YOU want to change your life. If you are stuck and just want to spend time "talking about it" or giving me your excuses and stories but do not really want to change, I will smell that and respectfully decline to dedicate more time to working with you. 

Q: How is it different than other forms of "Coaching", like "Life Coaching", "Wellness Coaching" or even Psychoanalysis? 

A: asd


Q: Have you worked with Addiction?

A: asd


Q: Can i trust you with my darkest secrets?

A: Legally, suicide, etc


Q: I have done some bad shit. Can you help?

A: Legally, suicide, etc


Q: I have a pretty successful life but still feel something is missing...

A: Legally, suicide, etc



Legally, suicide, etc

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